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Motivations for using MySpace and Facebook

By Amelia Ables

Uses and gratifications theory explains the reasons people use certain media and what keeps them coming back.  Essentially, it explains the needs and wants of the users and how these needs and wants are satisfied, in this case through the use of social media.  The uses and gratifications of MySpace and Facebook are discussed in an article in Human Communication by Mark A. Urista, Qingwen Dong, and Kenneth Day, which reported the results of focus groups conducted with 50 undergraduate young adults.

The five main uses for MySpace and Facebook that were discovered were efficient communication, convenient communication, curiosity about others, popularity, and relationship information and reinforcement.

The study shows why young adults use social network sites.   It shows that through the use of social media, they are able to get the things they want quickly and are therefore satisfied.

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Week 7 Uses and Gratifications and the Active Audience

Please answer the following questions in a comment on this post. You can be brief, but please be thoughtful in your response and show me that you have done the reading. 

1.  How do you think newspapers could do a better job of fulfilling the kinds of needs modern consumers have? How might they utilize some of the research in this area? 

2.  Choose one media form you use regularly, whether it is radio, a particular app, a favorite TV show, a publication you read all the time, or whatever. What kinds of needs does it fulfill for you? How do those needs shape the way you use it and the way you feel about it? Do you see any media-related needs you have that remain unmet or aren’t met adequately by your current options?

Feel free to share any other insights from the readings.  

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